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Majalengka Site

The Sawa Project's first biochar factory is located in Majalengka, West Java. We are partnering with PG Rajawali II sugar factory to utilize waste sugarcane bagasse that is otherwise burned or stockpiled at the factory.

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Our Process

The Majalengka Biochar Factory is strategically located within 500 meters of the PG Rajawali II sugarcane processing facility. PG Rajawali II produces over 1,000 tonnes of bagasse waste daily. While most of this waste is used for energy production, approximately 200-300 tonnes per day are left to stockpile behind the factory. This stockpiling practice poses several risks, including respiratory issues, fire hazards, and the production of potent greenhouse gases, particularly methane.

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The Sawa Biochar Factory collaborates with PG Rajawali II and surrounding farming communities to transport sugarcane bagasse and other sugarcane residue wastes to the factory daily. At the factory, the biomass material is dried and then fed into a pyrolysis reactor, which heats the material in a limited oxygen environment up to 600 degrees Celsius. During pyrolysis, the biomass decomposes, releasing volatile gases and producing biochar. The volatile gases are redirected to the dryer or pyrolysis chamber burners to ignite, ensuring that no gases are released into the atmosphere.


Majalengka Biochar Factory Grand Opening

On 24th April 2024, the Sawa Project proudly inaugurated its first production facility, the Majalengka Biochar Factory, marking a significant milestone in sustainable development in Indonesia. This grand opening event was attended by notable figures, including Pak Hashim Djojohadikusumo from the Indonesian Biochar Association, highlighting the importance of this project in the national biochar landscape.

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